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Studying Chinese : 學中文很辛苦

前年是我第一次來外國教書。一句中文都不懂。我不高興因為沒想到我的學生不會 說英文。有的時候,什們玩著玩著,勿然打起架來了。我聽了什們的話可是聽不 懂。怎麼辧? 所以我學起中文來了。學中文有意思可是對我來說非常難。現在學不快為沒有練習,所以沒學會。
中文跟英文不一樣。第一:中文的發音比莫文奇異。中文有很多聲調。一共有五個調。例 如:一聲「八」(ㄅㄚ)、二聲「拔」(ㄅㄚˊ)、三聲「 把」(ㄅㄚˇ)、四聲 「爸」(ㄅㄚˋ)、五聲「吧」(ㄅㄚ˙)。這是我的問題。要是我說錯了,別人 說:「聽不清楚你說什麼」 。我的中文還說得不好。每天又念書又教書,沒有時間 複習。
第二:學中文,也學說,也學寫字。以前,我覺寫中國字真麻煩。因為一個字有很 多意思,所以聽寫的時候緦是寫不好也寫不對。寫功課沒問題了,我緦是準備很 好。要是我做不完,就睡不著。我除了寫以外,還有說的練習不多句,所以學不 會。
現在,我很高興我越來越進步了。我沒想到我能住在台北,聼得懂他們的話,所以 生活都很便利。學中文很有用。以後,我希望能中文說很流利。

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10th Year Wedding Anniversary

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Today, I had my thesis defense and finally made it! My hubby was there helping me taking notes whatever the panel are suggesting. Afterwards, he went to his chinese class for his final exam. Yes, Today is our anniversary, and the celebration will be tomorrow in a cruise! We're so excited!

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2009 Chinese New Year (Food Bazaar)

The Food:

Food prepared for Chinese New Year:

Year Cake - getting promotion every year!

Turnip (White Radish) Cake - good beginning!

Spring Candy - to welcome the arrival of Spring!

Melon Seed - a lot of children

Lotus Seed - having children continuously

Peanut - longevity

Large Tangerine - big luck and big profit (金橘子, jinju)

Spring roll - gold bar

Dumplings - silver ingot (餃子, jiǎozi)

Fish - having surplus every year (魚, yú)

Dragon eye (longan) - wealth and family reunion

Dates - having intelligent children soon

Hair seaweed - having a jockpot

Treasure bar - full of gold and jewelry


Gōngxǐ fācái

"Congratulations and be Prosperous"

While the first two words of this phrase had a much longer historical significance, in practical terms involve surviving the harsh winter conditions.

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2009 Chinese New Year Party (NTNU-OIA)

National Taiwan Normal University Office of the International Affairs Lunar Year Party 2009 Chinese New Year's Eve - Chúxì 除夕(Chu "change" and xi means "eve") A reunion dinner is held on New Year's...

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2009 Chinese New Year (Preparation)



╭┴──┤牛扭 ├╮

│oo│ 錢坤 │●°

╰┬──╯ │ ∴°﹒

☆ ˍ


The Preparation:

Before the celebration, people here starts cleaning up their houses...throw things that are old (buy new one). Renovation here and there... houses full of sayings...and not to mention the "beauty salon", double the price when you go there before and after new year. Before, i don't see the logic, later on I learned that they prepare themselves for a new brand lucky year and remove all the bad luck they had previously...

Chinese Household should also have live blooming plants to symbolize rebirth and new growth. Flowers are believed to be symbolic of wealth and high positions in one's career. Lucky is the home with a plant that blooms on New Year's Day, for that foretells a year of prosperity.

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