Saturday, March 27, 2010

Shenkeng Tofu Street

A tofu day with Bakz and Sansan @ Shenkeng Township (Shēnkēng Xiāng 深坑鄉) , Taipei County. Sansan has been here several times, but for the two us... today is our lucky day! The place is in central taipei, near Muzha (Taipei Zoo), and imagine that's a rural but there's a big building of Holiday Inn! :)

Shenkeng is famous on its tofu. A lot of restaurants and vendors are offering different kinds of tofu, from ordinary tofu, stinky tofu, dry tofu, ice cream tofu... Upon arrival, Bakz and I  tried the barbecue tofu (not the stinky) with peanut powder and chili powder and Sansan tried the tofu with kimchi.
Then, the two of them keep on insisting that I should try the stinky tofu.
We ordered spicy stinky tofu, and bamboo shoots. I tried the tofu, sorry I really couldn't appreciate it. I can't describe the taste, but when it goes to my throat, it went out back. Well, Bakz and Sansan enjoyed it in fact we went to another place to get their second batch with duck's blood. Bakz and I tried the tofu ice cream, I got the orgininal flavor and Bakz had the caramel flavor. The taste is just like soya milk! I like it! Sansan bought her ice cream with brittle peanut powder wrapped in a spring roll wrapper. Sansan and I bought few stuff to take home. .. that's our day in Tofu Street. I think it would be nice if there's like tofu museum, or any activities that has something to do with tofu. For instance, demonstration of how to make tofu, cooking class, so on... Anyways, here are the photos taken in action...and some stuff that interests me!

Here are some sweets that they sell in the street-different variety mochi, ginger candy, and others.....

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Chinese Conversation Class

I started my intermediate chinese conversation class again in Chinese Culture University just to enhance my listening and speaking ability. The class is every Tuesday and Thursday, 8 - a.m., 2 hours each day, and it will last for 8 weeks. I think this is what I need rather than being in class for 3 hours everyday, that I have to memorize everything all the character for the exams, that is too tiring and at the end I don't even remember anything since I don't have the chance to use all those vocabularies. Speaking and listening without pressure I guess would benefit me more.

Anyways, we are 8 from different countries (USA. Canada, Australia, England, France, Guatemala, and of course yours truly...from the Philippines) that's why teacher called our class "xiao lian he guo", sort of United Nation. Our first topic is "ai qing" (love)... sort of boring, but it's ok... I got the chance to know about LOVE in some parts of the world! :)

Right now I'm in B4, the digital floor (my first time to be here, and I like the school's facilities! I've been in this school since September of 2009), waiting for my 2 former classmates from Korea and Thailand (Sun Young and Paifan).

Continuation... 3/25
After almost 4 months, I got the chance to see teacher, and former classmates Sun Young and Paifah. We had lunch @ Napoli while catching up... It's nice to see them once again!!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Lunch @ G - Italian Restaurant

My friend (Sansan) and I went out for lunch today! It's an Italian Restaurant in Xinyi District, near Taipei 101. We ordered set meal (main course, salad, soup, drinks, and dessert), I had the seafood sphagetti, and Sansan had seafood risotto! Bon Appetite!

Afterwards, we went shopping (actually her) to Shinkong Mitsukoshi while catching up!
It's nice to be out of Taipei County once in a while, I had a great time!!! :)

Monday, March 1, 2010

Taipei Lantern Festival 2010

My long time friend Weifa (Indonesia) and I went to visit the 2010 Taipei Lantern Festival. The festival will last only from February 26 to March 7. This year, the theme,  is "Tiger Hoki" said to bring fortune upon the house (Taipei City). The show is a combination of traditional lanterns with the latest technical events.  A 20 meters height and 16 meters width of Tiger Hoki shows displays lights and music every 30 minutes from 7-11pm.

Here are some photos taken:

Tiger Hoki - 20 meters height and 16 meters wifth, the main lantern display using laser and stereo effects, and smell scents... promoting Taipei International Flora Exposition which will be held on November 6,2010 to April 06, 2011...
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