Monday, October 20, 2008

Behind the Mask

After joining mass yesterday afternoon, on my way home they had fire works, drums, and colorful mascots right in front of our building. I don’t exactly know what kind of celebration. I would call it “Folk Religion Celebration”, that’s what I heard-they’ve done that from old tradition handed down up to this generation. (Looks like Sto. Nino Festival). They were dancing and rejoicing!
I was fascinated with these people inside the masks – man, woman, and even children on how they feel while wearing those heavy mascots. What kind of life they have without that “mask".
Once my professor told us, as a human resource manager sometimes we have to wear a mask of our own. In here, I don’t exactly know the meaning. I’m a teacher, I guess I have to wear mask whenever I face my students so that they won’t notice if I’m mad or not! My professor told me, she never saw me mad, I’m always smiling no matter how tired, nervous, or mad I was!
On the other side, I don’t want to wear mask… I want my family and friends to know the real me. If I’m happy, I want to share them my happiness, and if I’m lonely I would tell them I’m lonely! If I’m angry, let me be angry… most of the time I’ve forgotten I got mad and easily talk to that person.
Anyways, I have only one thing I dont like about myself... If a person did something wrong about our friendship, I won't tell the reason, I'll just walk away as if nothing happens. The problem there is that I will never talk... (Here, I would say am wearing mask!)

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