Monday, September 27, 2010

Budapest #2 Tram

Budapest #2 Tram is Top 7 Trolley Rides
of National Geographic Journeys of a Lifetime
500 of the World's Greatest

To summarize, here's the Top 10 Trolley Rides (Train)

  1. Toronto's 501 Queen Streetcar

  2. Seattle's George Benson Waterfront Streetcar

  3. New Orlean's St. Charles Streetcar

  4. San Francisco's St. Co. F.

  5. Melbourne's Tram 96

  6. Budapest's #2 Tram

  7. Berlin's Tram 68

  8. Amsterdam's #2 Tram

  9. Lisbon Tram #28


  1. i love trams and miss living in Melbourne

  2. I enjoy riding trams, We don't have those here in Philippines but I got the opportunity to ride it when I stay in Netherlands.

    hope u can visit mine, here's my link

  3. What a fantastic list. I'm going to keep a copy of it because we will be in Amsterdam in the spring.
    We've seen the tram in Seattle many times but haven't been on it. Years ago, I rode on the streetcar in San Francisco. Many years ago.
    And I remember the streetcar in New Orleans, too.
    This one from Budapest, however, is probably the best tram for Mellow Yellow Monday. It is very very yellow!!

    Alberta, Canada

  4. Great find for MYM.

    Happy Monday!

    Liz @ MLC

  5. Happy MYM! I would like to take that one one day ;)

  6. Happy MYM! It's my first time to visit your site and leave comments...

    By merely looking at the photos I thought it was a school bus...thanks for sharing..

  7. Me too! I like to ride that trams one day! Mine is posted here: Junneth

  8. I've never ridden a tram!


Many thanks for the comments!

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