Sunday, November 14, 2010

Capturing Scottish

Edinburgh 2008
When I travel, I seldom take pictures of people...

but for this, I can't avoid him and his shadow :)

Shadow Shot Sunday
Edinburgh has 4 season in one day! It was chilly, windy, sunny, and rainy. I even experienced snow in the afternoon :)


  1. Nice photos. And a fun shadow.
    Thank you for your lovely words as always.
    Have a great Sunday.

  2. Very smart indeed! Sun in Scotland - who'd have thunk it?

  3. Great, I love your shot. barbiboo

  4. sun in Edinburgh - amazing to start with!! great shadow cast here and love the subject matter...very very scottish!!

  5. The tartan plaid is proudly seen on the kilts! It is neat to see the blend of heritage and modern dress. This gentleman stays true to his past...

  6. I agree with Catherine -- sun in Edinburgh is indeed amazing to start with! And I definitely love the subject matter and it is very scottish! Such a fun post for the day and terrific shadow shots for the day!! Enjoy your weekend!


  7. I love your photo and the shadow is just perfect! Thank you for sharing with me. Have a great weekend! Anne

  8. As someone who lives near Edinburgh, can I just say that sunshine is a common occurence, not a rarity!!

  9. AH! You just wanted an excuse to photograph that guy's legs! Tell the truth, Lani. :)

    Great shadows.

  10. Fabulous! I love Edinborough, men in kilts, and interesting shadows, so what more could I want?
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  11. Great shadow! I like to see men in kilts but that's my heritage too. All that weather in one day, yes, it can happen here too in Alberta. In fact, we have a saying, "Only in Alberta" but that is not so now. We can include Scotland in that too. I hope you enjoyed your trip. I'd love to travel there someday.

  12. He look handsome hehehe.

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  13. Haha! That's great! And that is some crazy sounding weather!


Many thanks for the comments!

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