Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hongkong Taste in Taipei

fEdLaN2010 145After a long walk in Beitou Spring Area, book our next weekend escapade we decided to have cantonese taste.Another favorite hongkong restaurant in Taipei is called Citystar 24HR HK Style Restaurant (京星港式飲茶). I've been here several times when a friend from Japan visits Taipei (it's a  must to dine here) or my husband visits me.

He goes back here for the chicken feet and the rest...Let the photos do the talking...bon appetit!

fEdLaN2010 156fEdLaN2010 147
fEdLaN2010 150fEdLaN2010 149

fEdLaN2010 155fEdLaN2010 151
fEdLaN2010 160fEdLaN2010 161

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