Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcoming Year 2010

What can I say? Ten years ago, I had New Year in Brunei with my hubby. As far as I remember, I never heard any fireworks at all. We had a little party in his flat, but that's it. We can't even make a noise.

Anyways, welcoming 2010 once again in a foreign country reminds me of the past. For the past 7 years, I celebrated New Year alone. Every year, what I did is to watch the Taipei 101 fireworks from my window. Not much of the fireworks unlike in Chinese New Year.

I've been missing theNew Year in the Philippines. I told myself, this would be the last year of being alone specially in New Year!

I had a call from my husband, chatted to my sister in the Philippines and I was invited for lunch (Taiwanese Family),  then we went for a walk near Taipei 101. I really had a great time, specially I'm with 4 kids.

20 and 10 are my favorite numbers, praying this coming year... that I could be able to join my hubby in the U.S. I like living in Taiwan, but I guess it's about time to move with him, I've been away for so many years! This year might be my last year here in Taiwan.

Here's some photos welcoming 2010 in Taipei!

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