Thursday, March 25, 2010

Chinese Conversation Class

I started my intermediate chinese conversation class again in Chinese Culture University just to enhance my listening and speaking ability. The class is every Tuesday and Thursday, 8 - a.m., 2 hours each day, and it will last for 8 weeks. I think this is what I need rather than being in class for 3 hours everyday, that I have to memorize everything all the character for the exams, that is too tiring and at the end I don't even remember anything since I don't have the chance to use all those vocabularies. Speaking and listening without pressure I guess would benefit me more.

Anyways, we are 8 from different countries (USA. Canada, Australia, England, France, Guatemala, and of course yours truly...from the Philippines) that's why teacher called our class "xiao lian he guo", sort of United Nation. Our first topic is "ai qing" (love)... sort of boring, but it's ok... I got the chance to know about LOVE in some parts of the world! :)

Right now I'm in B4, the digital floor (my first time to be here, and I like the school's facilities! I've been in this school since September of 2009), waiting for my 2 former classmates from Korea and Thailand (Sun Young and Paifan).

Continuation... 3/25
After almost 4 months, I got the chance to see teacher, and former classmates Sun Young and Paifah. We had lunch @ Napoli while catching up... It's nice to see them once again!!!

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