Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Visiting Japan Consul Office in Taipei

Taking MRT from Nangang Station to Nanjing East Road took me about 20 minutes, then I walked for about 5 minutes to Japan Consul Office to apply visa for our (with husband) upcoming cruise trip to Japan this end of the month. It took me 2 minutes inside the office, and just told me to come back the following day for visa pick-up. Simple as that, no fee... knowing that the diplomatic relatioship of Japan-Philippines is at its best.

When I came out of the building, left side caught my eyes with this beautiful Japanese Garden..

 A man-made pond and falls...
with full of fish... very cozy and relaxing...

Watery Wednesday
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  1. great shots--looks very serene.

  2. This is a precious find. I love Japanese ponds and kois.

    Have a great week!

    Highest Waterfall

  3. Lovely garden Wow don't you wish all red tape could be cut through could be in just two minutes. fantastic!

  4. Makes getting necessary travel papers more enjoyable when you are surrounded with such beauty. Very nice post for today.

  5. I love Japanese gardens, they are always so beautiful!

    HAppy WW!

  6. What a beautiful building for a consulate!

  7. Great series of shots.

  8. Wow those Koi fish are huge! Happy Wednesday!


  9. I absolutely LOVE Japanese Gardens! They're so very well kept, always so nice & neat... and beautiful!!! I also love the fishes swimming around... Very cool!

  10. That is a wonderfully relaxing looking garden, that looks like it would be a near perfect place to chill out...

  11. i love the top view shot of those koi fishes.

    by the way, i am now following you. have a great day!


Many thanks for the comments!

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