Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas with Family in the Philippines (1)

It's been 8 years since the last time I spent Christmas with family and relatives in the Philippines. I was so happy that I decided to go home and be with them. What will I share today is the 24th of December, the usual routine we're doing back home. I'm sure you'll agree with me that Food really touched one culture as I've mentioned in my food blog.

Anyways, photos will tell you more of the culture we have in my family:

Christmas 20103
The 24th of December, every house is busy cooking, baking and preparing for the Christmas Day. Still, we have to eat before that day right? I stayed overnight  in one of the sisters' house and she cooked this typical morning breakfast for us. Yes, we, Filipinos usually eat rice in the morning :)

Christmas 20104
For morning snack, her neighbor just came from the province of Pangasinan, we call this "Tupig", made of glutinous rice with fresh grated coconut. It's not that sweet! Yes, we, Filipinos eat morning snacks :)

Christmas 20105
My sister asked me if she will cook lunch that day, I told her I'm stuffed and I don't feel like eating. But then, her co-teacher went to the house and brought some food. Here we are, having abundant food at 3pm. W had pancit (rice noodles), aroz valenciana (sticky rice with chicken), ube cake (yam cake), fruit salad + soda.

Some of our relatives from the province of Lucena arrived, can't believed it's been 10 years since the last time I saw them. Time to go back to my older sister's house. Here, we attended midnight mass at Clark Chapel at 10 pm. Before that, we had a small dinner, eating rice and fried fish and mix vegetables using our hands to eat.

We went to Holiday Inn, Clark just for pictorials. They have real snowman and huge ginger bread house, we had so much fun. Time to go home and prepared for food.

Some of them, can't wait fo12 am, and just took nap wherever is comfortable :) Guess what?

Christmas 20101
At 12, they  heard the coins sound and all of us shouting, they don't need somebody to wake them up. It's raining with coins and paper bills :) This is just one of our family traditions...

Christmas 20102
Our simple get together meal known us Noche Buena, small prayer, hugging, and greetings. Not only the family and relatives, and everyone in the house. We had chicken noodle soup, ham, cheese ball, bread, and sweet glutinous rice (tikoy).

Then, the exchange gifts come this time...the time to reveal the whom is whom...

My nieces and nephews opening their Stockings, they have been doing this since they were little :)

That ends our first part of Christmas in the Family. The following day will be more meaningful :) I'm glad I came home!


  1. Hi Lani, I think Christmas in the Philippines is real fun and heartwarming because of family gatherings. Nice to know ur home with your family to celebrate the season of love.

    Thanks for joining this week.

    My NY pics is now up.


  2. Lovely photos. What a great Christmas you had.

  3. Looks like you live in a lovely, friendly world, Lani!

  4. that is the essence of christmas, to share it with your family.

    ikan-nak man iti tupig mo ading.

  5. there's nothing like a filipino xmas. :)

  6. LOL i love your collages especially the photos of your family taking naps. oh, i love Tupig and i miss it! i used to have neighbors from Abra and they introduced me to Tupig. my bro also cooked valenciana.:p

    what a fun and warm homecoming for you.
    Happy New Year!

  7. Love seeing all your family! They look so happy! :)

  8. Im glad you had wonderful time with your family. I really miss mine.

    Thank you, Lani.

  9. AH! Excellent memories of fun-filled festivities!


Many thanks for the comments!

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