Saturday, January 8, 2011

Christmas with Family in the Philippines (2)

Christmas 201016
To continue the Christmas celebration,
my sister and sister-in-law were busy preparing food for lunch...
Christmas 201015
Most of us can't wait to try these home-made goodies :)
Christmas 201014
All set, family pictorial first...
Christmas 20108
Home-made ham, roast beef, corned beef, and ground meat (embutido)
Christmas 20109
Pork finely chopped (sisig), Koren Barbecue, Shrimp, and Sweet and sour fish
Christmas 201010
Fruit salad, macaroni salad, mix of brocolli and cauliflower salad,
and best of all my favorite cheese cake
After the blessings and champaigne, here we are - munch, munch...
Christmas 201017
Then, gift giving and receiving...
we have lots of Santa Claus in our family :)
Christmas 201012
The most awaited part, raining of coins ...
Christmas 201013
followed by paper bills, I can no longer run that fast and still I got almost
a thousand pesos :)... tiring but most of all it's fun!
Christmas 201011
Late in the afternoon, time to visit dads...
 He left us 9 years ago today (January 8).
We love you daddy!

Another memorable Christmas for everyone!


  1. Wow ang daming food. Iba talaga pag pamilya tipon2x ang saya2x,diba?

  2. It's a great holiday reunion!

  3. you sure know how to throw a party. I had a pre christmas party at Jennifer's house. She is a Philippino married to a man from Ghana.

  4. wow Lan, ang bongga talaga ng Christmas ninyo. Sarap ng mga foods.

    Thanks for playing today.

  5. Wow, Lani, food and fun overload. You know how to throw a celebration. The icing on the cupcakes look so enticing.

    Thanks for your entry at OWM.

  6. WOW!!! This is perfect party. I'm starving now.

    Thank you for sharing this post.

  7. whew, what a celebration! i burped after looking at the food.:p

  8. I should have been at your house for all of this. Every thing is so beautiful

  9. Wow! Very festive. Please invite me next time. :)

    My entries:
    Moms... Check Nyo

  10. Wow, what a great get together for Christmas. Looks like a lot of food and fun! Great photos.

  11. Wow. Thanks for the visit with your family. Looks like you had a great Christmas. That food looks amazing.

    Here is my ruby tuesday

    I invite you to participate in a weekly meme called Color Carnival if you are interested. I host it every Friday here.
    It is a fun, happy meme.

  12. Whole lotta Ruby going on in your post today! I love how you've grouped the photos and laid them out. Very creative :) Happy Tuesday!

    Tink *~*~*

  13. u are truly blessed, sis. nakakabusog tingnan ang lotsa food at nakakatuwang tingnan ang bawat larawan, ang saya-saya:)

  14. What a wonderful Christmas for you and your family! What fun! Terrific photos! With a holiday like that your new year must be off to a great start! Thanks for sharing the fun!


  15. So many Rubies, and I am drooling big time. Yeah I'm serious hehehe mine is up and its here thanks

  16. Ang saya daming red, have time to visit my entry for this week :)

  17. okay, now I am really really hungry!

  18. Wow! Wow!! WOW!!!
    Terrific shot, loved going through the details in the collages.

  19. That looks like such a fun time. The food looks amazing too.


Many thanks for the comments!

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