Friday, November 28, 2008

Modern Toilet Restaurant

Toilet 010
Modern Toilet Restaurant in Taiwan
Toilet 006Toilet 002
When I heard this, my first reaction was yuck and how weird eating in a place like that!
Still, I was wondering how it looks like!
Toilet 013Toilet 012
It’s a restaurant in Taiwan (more than 10 branches) with a modern-d├ęcor.
Actually, the team is toilet. The wall is decorated with a faucet and a shower, tub as the table,
toilet chairs, urinals for the drinks, and commode shape serving pieces.
Toilet 008Toilet 017
It was a funny experienced specially the chocolate ice cream,
I felt like shouting ewwww… this tastes like s**t!!! hahahaha!
Sitting at the seats, I guess when I need to use the bathroom, just do it while eating! hehehehe!
Toilet 015
some cover seat design

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