Saturday, November 22, 2008

Exploring MRT Blue Line

My best friend (Pinky) and I explored some places in MRT (Metro) Blue Line. First we had lunch @ Modern Toilet Restaurant in Ximenting. This is the place were the first city was built long time ago. For now, the place known as the hippest district, young generation make is so lively!
2007 Pictures 001Toilet 012
(old photo of ximenting/ Pinky and I having lunch)
After lunch, we cross along the museum (free admission) called “The Red Playhouse” or “Red Theater” (紅樓劇院). It was built in 1908. It’s known to be as the “market octagon” The first floor now was converted into a small café and shops with some revitalized relics of the island. The second floor is use for monthly exhibit. We didn’t explore much in detail.
RedHouse 001RedHouse 004
the front
RedHouse 003RedHouse 021
RedHouse 015RedHouse 014
RedHouse 009RedHouse 010
RedHouse 011RedHouse 013
some relics
We continue our trip to another historical place called "The Lin Family Masion and Garden". According to its history, the forefather of the Lin Family (3 generation) came to Taiwan in 1887 from China. He was a merchant and accumulated some wealth and bought some land. The Lin Family became the wealthiest family at that time.
LinMansion 031
LinMansion 004LinMansion 013
LinMansion 019LinMansion 016
The house has 5 separate courtyrads. Their home is a fine example of Qing Period houses found in Taiwan.
LinMansion 038LinMansion 047
LinMansion 055LinMansion 051
The place now is owned by the government. Admission is NT$100, but for student like me, I only paid NT$0.50
Next, we're supposed to see the Miniature Museum and Paper Musuem. We lost and we ended in a place called Digital Market, the place where you can find all kinds of electronics... name it, they have them!
DigiMarket 006
DigiMarket 004DigiMarket 005
introducing HP laptop... pwedeng bed eh!
Since my sis-in-law wants to buy usb external disk,
I had the chance to snapped all the prices... so she could compare them in UK.
DigiMarket 009DigiMarket 008
That's what happen in One Saturday of November, 2008.
Hmmm... I'm dreaming of buying one professional camera after visiting digital market... I just love it!

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