Tuesday, November 25, 2008

We Don't Say Goodbye!

It’s been two years when I entered National Taiwan Normal University for my graduate studies, Master of Education, major in International Workforce Education and Development (International Human Resources and Development).
Time, indeed, flies so fast… all of a sudden my foreign classmates will go back to their own countries. We had good times and bad times of course! The best part is not only we learned together but we got the chance to be close to one another. We hang out a lot! Got the chance to visit their countries… shared culture and learned their language…
Here are some photos taken during our pictorial, graduation dinner, and commencement!
June 18 - Pictorial Day @ NTNU Campus
class of 2008
with some of my Taiwanese classmates (Viola, Laura, Sophia, Minly, & Shelley)
with Palm (Thailand), Eleonor (Belize), & Level (Haiti)
with Denroy (Belize)
June 20 - Graduation & Thanksgiving Dinner @ Brother's Hotel
Graduation dinnerDinner dinner
with Zabrinna (Panama), Melinda (Romania),
Melissa (Honduras), Sansan (Indonesia), Owen & Ariel (Taiwan)
Dinner 9Graduation Dinner
group picture + toast goodbye for Melinda @ Hooters!
June 21 - The Ceremony

with our dean, Dr. Lai
Some people come into our lives and quickly go,
Some stay a while, leave footprints in our hearts!
Can miles truly separate us from being friends?
If we want truly to be with someone we love.
Aren't we already there?
Yes, it is right there in our hearts!

Many thanks to all the greetings!

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