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Receipt Lotto in Taiwan

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What do you do with the receipt after you purchase?

One thing I like in Taiwan, when you buy/shopping – no tax added, giving tips are not also practice, you just have to pay the exact amount. Every purchase, customers should demand receipts. Why?
Here’s the story:
The government came up with the Receipt Lottery. Each receipt gets a unique eight digit number stamped on it. On the 25th of every odd month, the government draws six winning numbers. Of the six numbers they announce two are NT$200 winners, three are regular prize numbers, worth up to NT$200,000 and a grand prize number of worth two million! Example for those months, I have a receipt number 04604069, see the last digit, now I have NT$200 instant!

Most Recent Winning Lottery Numbers
Announced 9/25/08
for months 7 & 8 '08

Grand Prize


Regular Prizes 頭獎




Bonus Numbers 六獎

For the two NT$200 numbers, if any of the receipts end in the same last three numbers, these can get NT$200.
For the three regular prize numbers, the amount you win is based on how many of the numbers on your receipt sequentially match the regular prize numbers.
If any of your receipts has the same last three numbers, in the same order, you win NT$200.
If any of your receipts has the same last four numbers, in the same order, you win NT$1000.
Same last five numbers in the same order, NT$4,000.
Same last six numbers in the same order, NT$10,000.
Same last seven numbers in the same order, NT$40,000.
All eight numbers in the same order, NT$200,000
If you win any of these, you can claim the prizes to any Post Office Bank, or Taiwan Bank. For NT$200, you can change your ticket of any goods in 7-11.
Every raffle I’m winning NT$200-400, not bad huh! If happen you come and visit here, ask them for Tong-Eee Fah-Pyow .That's the reason some people just donate them into charity boxes in the stores!
Not only people have the chance of winning, they also practicing the “paper recycling”.
Website for winning numbers:

I thought of reposting again, since I got 3 numbers winning this time "077".

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