Monday, May 31, 2010

BM #3: Blue Trucks in Business

Blue Monday #3 - Blue Trucks in Business

 I live in Taipei County, 20 minutes away from Taipei City by local train and about an hour by bus. What I like most living in this place is very convenient. The train station is just in front of the place where I live. We have morning and evening fresh market. The morning market is what they called "Traditional Market", it's along the alley and whatever you need fresh is all in there. The evening fresh market is located under the train station, not much vendors like in the morning. I like the evening market best, even my relatives who came here for a visit enjoyed buying anything fresh in that evening market.
Aside from the two markets, there are also lots of places to eat if I don't like to cook. Store breakfast are different from afternoon  or evening store and night market. Another way to buy food are from the blue truck vendors. I haven't seen any color but blue, that's why I titled this blog "Blue Trucks in Business".

Here are captured blue trucks:
Fruit Vendor @ Night

Barbecue Fresh Corn @ Night

Selling Dumplings @ Night

Selling Chinese Pancakes

Selling Peking Duck (Roasted Duck)

This truck sells fruit in season, like this time -
watermelon season!
My husband in blue jacket, posing with his watermelon! :)
Happy Blue Monday!


  1. Really Great photos !!!
    Blessings&Hugs from Iowa~~~ Dena

  2. I loved going to the market with you and hubby. That looks like a really nice place with great goodies.

  3. @ Dena E - Thanks! have a great week ahead of your!

    @ LV - Thanks! I have to enjoy, this might be my last year hear! Have a great week ahead of you!

  4. Looks like you have lots going on where you live and lots of fresh and prepared food to choose from. I like that kind of convenience too. Looks like you and your husband are world travellers too. I love to travel myself. Happy Blue Monday!

  5. @ Joyful - Thanks for the comment! Sad to say I have to leave the place at the end of this year. One door is closing fr me, and I believed another door will open soon! Husband and I love to travel and see places while we're still young!

  6. Lovely glimpse of your life in Taipei. Where is your home base?
    Blessings - Jan

  7. Hi Jan, I'm from the Philippines, I've been living here in Taipei for almost 8 years. My husband lives in Las Vegas. We'll see what place will bring us next year!
    Have a nice week ahead of you!

  8. Blue makes the trucks so pretty! Happy Blue Monday, Lani.

  9. How fun! I think the truck with the vendor in back idea is really great!

    Have a wonderful Blue Monday!


  10. @ Sally - Keep smiling and see you next Blue Monday!

    @ Sarah - I don't know if it's just coincidence or a law. I'll try to find out!

  11. Lucky blue trucks. I love the melons. Had a melon fruit carving on my uncle's golden wedding... Nice post :-) happy Blue Monday!


  12. Hi Belle, thanks for the comment! My husband loves watermelon, not me! I think it's too sweet for me... Enjoy the rest of the week!

  13. That is what I so miss the fresh market. In the Philippines I used to go to the market early in the morning and love it. Great shot! Happy Monday!

    BM-Memorial day

  14. Thanks Kim! Have a great week ahead of you!


Many thanks for the comments!

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