Monday, July 19, 2010

BM #10 Capturing Xi Zhi Train Station (1)

Blue Monday #10 - Capturing Xi Zhi Train Station

Overlooking from my window is Xi Zhi  (Shih Chih)Train Station. Xi Zhi City is located in Taipei County. Under the station is a parking lot, and most of the weekends have activities or shows. Every Mondays and Thursday, there's Night Market. At the end of the south is Everyday Evening Night Fresh Market.

The rest are here to view...

Captured the blue train going to Taipei City...

the sun sets at the back of white tall building

lovely day, that's my world

Traditional Ticket Machine
(mostly passengers are using magnetic card or touch screen)
waiting area, trains come and go...
(see the white buildings at the back, that's my place)

where's the train? as usual delayed :)

boarding time...

hope you guys understand...

nice, right?

elevator sign - meaning, only for those who needed special assistance


  1. Anonymous19 July, 2010

    Thank you for visiting! Your world is so different to mine - I look at at green fields with sheep and horses!!

  2. I truly enjoyed seeing some of the blue sights from your world. That is one of the things that makes blogging so interesting. Getting to visit and see so many different countries and cultures.

  3. Hi lani, nice to see some other interesting spots on this blog... joined BM too at

  4. Love that blue train and all the lovely blue signage!

  5. Interesting blues you see every day, Lani.

    Happy Blue Monday.

  6. So much blue! Wonderful photos :D

  7. What beautiful sky and shots. Love the Blue Train.

  8. Beautiful shots from your window. Mine is quite different ant is at the bottom of my blog. We live on a lake. Hope you can get to come visit. Debbie

  9. The best part of blogging is seeing other people's worlds! Thanks for sharing.

  10. thanks for sharing your world, happy Blue Monday!

  11. wow you gotta wide range of blue photos this week!

    u may view mine here

  12. love the blue sky with white clouds.
    beautiful blue post!

  13. Beautiful blues for Monday. Love the train! ...Karen

  14. Your photos made me missed Taiwan :)

    I've been there for several times for a project development :)


Many thanks for the comments!

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