Friday, July 16, 2010

View from My Window

I seldom stay in the house in the late afternoon, because I'm either teaching or chatting,and I feel lonely if knowing it's getting dark.  Last week, it was 7pm and I was so bored and accidentally looked out from my window. I was amazed with what I saw, so I grabbed my iPhone and captured this wonderful view.
gorgeous right?

overlooking train station too!

Happy Weekend!


  1. Sky on fire! Good shot, with the lights from the city and high buildings in silhouette.

  2. What a gorgeous view! Beautiful!!

  3. what a gorgeous view outside your room

  4. The fiery sky is fitting to the end of the day, its brilliance saying goodbye to the light of day. We look in awe, nature painting a lovely canvas...

  5. Right! Good thing you looked out your window in boredom! Really good capture.

  6. Aren't you glad you looked out your window?! That's an awesome sight.

  7. Wonderful red colors!

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Many thanks for the comments!

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