Sunday, July 18, 2010

Carrick-A-Rede Rope Bridge

Sis-in-law Sarah and I

Carrick-A-Rede Rope Bridge is number 10 in Top Ten Bridges (National Geographic Journeys of a Lifetime) On Foot. It was a great privileged to see the bridge although it was a long trip from Belfast City.

With hubby, it was windy and cold too!

Hubby and I shadow

For Reference:
Top Ten Bridges (National Geographic)
1. Brooklyn Bridge, New York City
2. Puente de la Majur, Buenos Aires, Argentina
3. Q'eswachaka Bridge, Apurimac River, Peru
4. Dagu Bridge, Tianjin, China
5. Spear Praptos, Kampong Kdei, Cambodia
6. Sydney Harbour Bridge, Australia
7. Charles Bridge, Szech Republic
8. Ponte Vecchio, Florence, Italy
9. Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bristol, England
10. Carrick-a-Rede Bridge, Northern Ireland


  1. Scary, I think. I'll watch while YOU cross. :)

  2. We only watched, we're scared too because it was windy!

  3. what an exciting adventure crossing this bridge! marvelous shots!

  4. Lani! What a small world. Remember Happy from Multiply? That was me. Nice to see you again. :)

    This is an awesome bridge. I will definitely enjoy crossing it (I'm lucky because I can conquer my fear of heights), but mostly because the view is gorgeous!

  5. Hi Hilda, yeah I remember... it's really a small world. Thanks for dropping by. Enjoy the rest of Sunday!

  6. Oh, I'd sure cross this... and my knees go weak with heights! How pretty! Thanks for the top 10 list. I've been on four... and it would be fun to tick them all off!

  7. Great shots! Thanks for joining in Shadow Shot Sunday :)

  8. It definitely must be a great feeling viewing the scenes from there. I am glad I got to see one of the top 10 bridges through your shots. :)

  9. thanks for the comments

  10. Excellent! This is the first bridge from Ireland posted on the meme!
    «Louis» thanks you for your contribution to Sunday Bridges.

  11. I didn't even know there was a top ten! Great info and a wonderful shot of the bridge!

  12. Anonymous18 July, 2010

    Fabulous photos - but I'll not be crossing the bridge, as not only do I have a fear of heights, but even more so heights over water!!

  13. I saw this photo and froze to my chair, my mouth gaping open. Just this morning I was watching a Public Broadcasting System (PBS) special on Northern Ireland - and they showed this bridge. The commentator even made the cameraman follow him across!

    Wow, what a small world this is!

  14. I wouldn't be able to do this one. Too scary for me! But a nice photo in any case.


Many thanks for the comments!

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