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Chinese Tea Appreciation

I attended a free seminar about Chinese Tea Appreciation offered by Mandarin Language Center of Chinese Culture University. I love drinking tea, specially green tea and I get used to drink without sweetener. Here's the PowerPoint of the seminar in Chinese, but I translated it in English just for my reference and I'm sharing it to all of you. Sorry if some characters are not be able to translate. I'm still struggling with my chinese. :)

Chinese Tea Appreciation

茶本來是一種藥; 唐以後,成為大家都喝的飲料
500 years ago, Chinese originally thought tea is a kind of medicine because it would make someone feel better. Only those rich people can afford to buy it. Later on, a lot of people opened tea store and became famous. From then on, tea is a kind of drink either hot or cold.

茶區一產茶的地:中國 (西南茶區; 江北茶區; 江南茶區; 華南茶區) Different kinds of tea are famous in different parts of China.

茶區一產茶的地:台灣 (茶是一種全世界都會喝的飲料,茶的種類很多,以台灣來說,最有名的茶是烏龍茶、包種茶等)

Even in Taiwan, different kinds of tea grows in different places. Since all over the world, people drink tea as a kind of refreshment, the most famous is red tea. Actually, there are different kinds of tea. For Taiwanese, the best tea is called Oolong Cha (Clear Tea) that comes from the tall mountain known as Alishan.
茶的種類:綠茶類; 烏龍茶類; 紅茶類; 普洱荼類
The 4 most famous tea are: green tea; oolong tea; green tea; clouds tea. Each tea has its own category.
茶具介紹:茶壺/ 茶盅/ 茶盤/ 聞香杯/ 茶杯
The things needed for making tea are: tea kettle (cha hu) / a kind of cup (?)/ tray/ cup for smelling the tea/ cup for drinking. Right now, the tea cup for smelling is no longer needed.
泡茶的方法:溫壺、溫盅、溫杯/ 方茶葉/ 倒茶/ 聞茶/ 品茶
How to make tea? Make sure no things in both wrist and sit properly.
Prepare the cups as seen in the picture below: cha hu in the left side; cha zhong in the right.
1. Pour hot water in cha hu, pour in a cha zhong (don't raise arm when pouring), then our hot water in a cup.
    (This part in only washing the cups).
2. Put 1/3 of tea in a cha hu, cover, shake, and smell
3. Pour 90% of eater in a cha hu, wait for 1 minute
4. Pour the tea in cha zhong, smell.
5. Pour the tea in a cup for drinking (When holding 4 fingers together and a thumb on the other side.)

泡好茶的方法:(The best way to make tea differs)
茶量:可從少到多 (?)
水溫:不同茶不同溫度 (different kinds of tea, different temperature)
時間:可長可短 (time should not too long or too short)
暍荼的好處:(Benefits of Tea Appreciation)
交朋友 (can find friends)
有精 神 (can keep us awake)
快樂、開心 (gives happiness)
對牙齒好 (?)
對身體好 (makes one body well)
除嘴巴裡的味道和幫助消化 (?)

Sorry for the question marks, i couldn't find words how to explain. If anyone could read this and willing to help me translate, I would appreciate it very much!


  1. I must drink tea everyday. It soothes me. =o) I should attend to one of those while I get the chance. Thanks for the info!

  2. What an interesting post! That must have been fun to go the that tea. I also drink green tea every day without sugar. Sometimes I like to brew it for iced tea too but to that I add a cinnamon stick and some slices of fresh ginger while brewing. This is really refreshing and healthy.

  3. Thankyou so much for the comments! Given the chance, I would like to demonstrate it myself. Have a nice weekend!


Many thanks for the comments!

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